Chinchilla buck.

Blue Eyed White Doe 2

Black Otter Buck 1 (Smoke)

Blue Otter Doe (Sassy)​ 

Blue Eyed White Buck - reserved

Blue Otter Buck (Sassy)​ 

Blue from Shaded Doe - ​reserved

Black Otter 4 unsexed (Celia)​ 

Blue Eyed White Doe 1

Black Otter Buck 2 (Smoke)

Black Otter Doe (Celia)​ 

Lilac Otter Buck 1 (Sassy)​ reserved

Blue Otter Doe  (Smoke)

Lilac & Blue Otters out of Jose Cuervo to Sassy

Black Otter Buck 2 (Celia)​ 

We take a $50 deposit to reserve a baby bunny to hold until their forever home date. They must be 8 weeks old to go home. If your bunny shows any signs of illness, that date will be delayed. Deposits to hold a bunny can be made in cash or by PayPal using friends and family. Deposits are nonrefundable and are applied to the total cost of the bunny. Baby bunnies need to be picked up within 3 days after their home date or there is a $10 weekly housing fee. Adult bunnies require full payment and pickup within a week. Contact us by text or email if you don't see what you want as we may just not have it pictured. We do keep our favorite bunnies. We do not pull a bunny that has a deposit even if we really like it. Be sure to mention if you are interested in showing or a 4H or FFA student. 

Available rabbits are grouped by breed:

Email      phone 512-766-7286

Boutique Bunnies of Austin

Ruby Eyed White Doe 1

Ruby Eyed White Doe 2

Black Otter Buck 1 (Celia)​ 

Blue Doe ​reserved

Netherland Dwarfs