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Cute Fuzzy Floppy Bunny

The AFL also carries the dwarf gene which contributes to both the small size and the short wide heads and bodies that fanciers so desire.  In an ideal “Fuzzy,” the head is set moderately high on the shoulders of a very round, compact body.  The legs should be short and thick.  A ridge of cartilage at the top of the head (called a crown) causes the ears to fall against the side of the head, as is the case in most lop breeds.  AFL fur is actually long hair called wool.  The wool can be spun into yarn despite being only about 2 inches in length.  Fuzzy lop wool is coarse next to that of an angora.  This coarse texture is desirable because it means that the coat is not prone to tangling or matting, making the AFL much easier to care for than larger wooled breeds.  Coats do not require daily grooming except during a molt.  Every few days you should run your fingers through a Fuzzy’s wool to work out the tangles and debris.  Be sure to check the vent area for droppings and bedding that can get stuck in the wool.  As with all rabbits, you should avoid giving AFL’s a full bath, but “spot clean” their coats to remove stains. The AFL has an ideal weight range of 3-4 lbs.

Does the American Fuzzy Lop sound like a Holland Lop with long hair?  Well it’s very similar; that’s how Fuzzies came to be!  Soon after Holland Lops came to this country, breeders crossed them to an English Spot in order to gain the broken pattern.  Along with the desirable color genes came short “flyback” fur.  (The Holland should have a 1” rollback coat.)  To correct the problem, breeders crossed to a French Angora.   The wool gene introduced by the Angora is recessive, so Hollands can have normal fur and still carry it.  When two carriers of the wool gene are bred together, surprise!  A fuzzy lop is born.   A number of individuals turned these wooled Hollands into their own breed, accepted by the ARBA as American Fuzzy Lops in 1988.  Although Holland Lops still throw wooled sports today, the American Fuzzy Lop Rabbit Club does not encourage using them in an AFL breeding program, stating that “the quality of Fuzzy Lop now available nationwide is such that no advantage can be gained by this practice.”  (Source:

The small size, inquisitive personality, and easy-care coat makes the AFL suitable for a pet, 4-H project, or show animal.


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