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Every breed has unique colors available.

Netherland Dwarfs include 36 showable colors and we sell many including the Smoke Pearl Marten, Lilac, Chinchilla, Squirrel, Broken Black, Blue, Black Otter, Steel, Sable Marten, Ruby Eyed White, Blue Eyed White and more.

Polish have 6 showable colors Ruby-eyed White, Blue-eyed White, Black, Blue, Chocolate, and Broken Pattern.

Holland Lops have many showable colors and include broken and solid colors. 

American Fuzzy Lops color guide includes 22 colors including Lynx, Broken, Chestnut, and more

Boutique Bunnies of Austin

4H  Students find quality bunnies here!!

Specializing in the smaller breeds of rabbits.



Rabbits are very friendly curious animals. They love to explore and jump and play. All our rabbits are suitable for pets and are handled from a young age. We also provide  rabbits from a show background. Pictures of your bunny are available as they grow until they are ready for their forever home. 

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Here are some links to other rabbit information sites. 

ARBA link -  https://www.arba.net/

Caring for your rabbit  http://www.videojug.com/film/how-to-care-for-rabbits

Trimming rabbit nails:


Litter box training: 


Fun Videos of house rabbits